Friday, March 30, 2012

Hypnotherapy Talk

Hi, everyone. MMU Counseling Week 2012 was just leaving us with a great experience last 4 days ago. Hopefully, you will get the fun and experience that we provide to you in this event. As you know, Hypnotherapy Talk was already happened in FCM E-theater last Monday. Many of the MMU students, MJSC students and people from other colleges and universities came to this talk to get a brief explaination about hypnosis.

On this day, certain FRIENDS were selected as MMU Counseling Week 2012 committees to help this event running smoothly. There was also certain MMU students that applied as working committees on that day. Everyone of them did their best on that day to make the event successful. 

During  the talk, Mr. Andreas Dorn, our speaker gave his demostration on hypnosis and most of us were very excited about the demostration and the results. The volunteer after being hypnotized looked lively than before. For those who want to know about hypnotherapy, feel free to click on this link:

That's all for this month entry. Hopefully, you will enjoy our latest news. Wait for our next event news on next entries. See you guys.

#Credit to:  a) MMU Counseling Unit
                  b) FRIENDS
                  c) Asia Mind Dynamics Sdn Bhd
                  d) @Kampus

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