Wednesday, December 28, 2011

International Children's Art Festival

Hi, guys and gals. This month's story from FRIENDS is about International Children's Art Festival. Last two weeks, FRIENDS and other MMU students went to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) as volunteers to this prestigious event. The purpose of this event is to give a place for the girted children to show their skills and the importance of having programs that fulfill towards improving their talents. Many children from other Asian countries such as Singapore, India and Japan join this program to show their capabilities to public. As for Malaysia, there is a few of public universities bring their students who are talented children from different aspects and talents. These children are called PERMATA and they are divided into few groups according to their specialties such as arts, mathematics, languages and many more.

Besides MMU, there are also other universities came to become volunteers such as UKM, UNITEN and UPM. During our volunteering period, we are helping the organizer by sorting the equipment, tagging the tables and many more. Moreover, we can expand our networking with other local universities representatives.

We also given a break after finish with task given by the organizer. The organizer is giving us coupon for lunch, tea break and dinner, plus with free t-shirt. During this free time, we all went to KLCC park to snap some pictures from our lovely blog readers. 

Hopefully, we can have more opportunity to join this type of event often and we welcome MMU students to join and support us.