Friday, July 29, 2011

Leadership Inspirational Camp II

Hi, everyone.
Today, we want to share to everyone about the event that we had done recently inside FRIENDS. Leadership Inspirational Camp II is the second series of MMU Counseling Unit event. It was held at Ipoh, Perak and the purpose of this camp is to educate students how to become a leader in their lifestyle. The camp was running smoothly starting with our first module in Lost World of Tambun.

At here, we are all learn modules regarding leadership discoveries and skills at Kepura Cave. Participants were very excited to learn in this camp. Later, participants were having their leisure time playing at the theme park until 4 p.m..

Next day, we had an explorace which measured the teamwork bonds between participants. The result that we get is very satisfied and at the end of the game, we given the prizes to all teams. At 12 p.m., we were going back to MMU Cyberjaya. Hopefully, next time, we can continue this camp in future.