Monday, October 24, 2011

Red Unity Campfire

Hi, guys. We are back for this month news. Counseling Unit was making its third series of unity camp called Red Unity Campfire. There are about 40 participants joined this camp from different nationalities. This camp was held at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. The purpose of this camp is to unite every student in MMU campus even though they are from other countries and have different perspectives.

The camp started with an ice-breaking. The participants were sit in a circle and they need to introduce themselves and tell a word according to the alphabet that our counselor give to them. The ice-breaking session was fun because some students that given the words FLAME and FIRE were getting splashed from other participants. Huhuhuhu!!!! After that, we are making our group flags and totally, they were all nice.

Later, at night, we went to RM2 shop to buy gifts for our new friends in this camp. Then, our counselor will give a list of participants room for them to give the gifts. It was fun since everyone got their own presents and we also can tighten our bond to each other.

Next day, we are doing some games. There are a lot of activities and most of us enjoy the game. Most of the games were related with fire such fire candles, lit the fire and many more.

During evening, we were wearing our traditional clothes and having an acoustic performances from our participants. They are so talented and everyone was enjoyed the performances. After the performance, we were making the campfire and playing truth or dare. This is the happiest event that everyone want to get involve and we got to know our participants deeper. 

On the last day, we from Counseling Unit gave prizes to all participants and hopefully, they can get new friends, new experiences, and new perspectives from others. Hopefully, we can do the camp again next year. Adios.