Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Orange Unity Camp (Part 1)

Hi, guys. I know. It's almost a year since this blog been updated. Well, it's active again. So, this post is about Orange Unity Camp. This is the fifth unity camp organised by MMU Counseling Unit. So, what is Unity Camp??? It is a camp for MMU students to bond among each other while having their vacation where the camp being held. This year Orange Unity Camp was held in Kuala Sepetang, Perak on 30th September 2013 until 1st October 2013.

So, this is 2 days 1 night camp and on first day, we went to taste prawn noodle as our first activity. The noodle was great and the prawns was so big. Then, we went to mangrove reservation park where we learned and saw about mangrove and its application to our daily life. We also got a chance to plant the mangrove seed at the reservation park.

Then, we check in to our floating chalet in Kuala Sepetang. After check in, we go fishing. And the best part is there are fish and squids everywhere. We are all excited.

Ok. I will stop writing here. There will be part 2 for this camp. So, stay tune.