Monday, May 28, 2012

Cultural Awareness Program (CAP) May 2012

This month news is about CAP. CAP is a program conducted by MMU Counseling Unit to help new international students who come to MMU to enhance their study. Last few weeks, selected FRIENDS was chosen to help these students. CAP program was conducted for three days.

In these three days, the students will help in their accommodation, how to adopt in Malaysian culture and many more. It is almost the same like orientation week that being conducted in MMU every intake but in shorter period and it is specifically for international students. After CAP program, the students will join the other local students in the orientation week.

The CAP program is offically becoming an event that compulsory to be attend by all international students who come to study in MMU. This is important for them to avoid culture shock along their study. Beside that, it will also help the students to get new friends during this program.