Saturday, February 25, 2012

MMU Masquerade Gala Dinner

Hi, guys. FRIENDS just organised our first gala dinner for MMU students at Paragon Hotel, Ipoh. The purpose of this event is to enhance our appreciation to our mother-earth by including the theme of the dinner which are four major elements in earth. Moreover, this event can help FRIENDS to increase their networking with MMU students.

The event started at 8pm with the gathering of guests at hotel lobby. The guests were served with mixed fruit punch while waiting for their turn to be invited into our hall. Two of our representatives were in charge in order to bring guests to our main hall for dinner session.

The dinner was started with appetizers from four different cuisines of different tables. While the appetizers were served by our waiter and waitress, our master of ceremony explained about each element trivia. When the appetizers session was started, the video of famous songs was played to entertain the guests.

The dinner continued with main menu and desserts. During the dinner, we also included the games and best costumes (male and female) to make the dinner more lively. We would like to thank to every guest that gave their full corporation in making this event successful. 


We waiting for your participation for hypnotherapy talk on 26th March 2012 at 2pm until 4pm.